We are incredibly grateful for our community’s support, within a short period of launch we are now at 1.8M TVL on Snowball.

This is only the beginning as we are preparing more events and partnership across to bring this to more people to learn about Snowball.

We are also launching…

We are going for more! We are excited to share what our plans are for Snowball in future.

Q2 2021 (Snowball launch!)

We will offer four options for users to stake to earn SBT, namely SBT-BNB, BNB and BUSD.‌

Our yield aggregator would also go live to offer users an…

Snowball your yield!

1. Introduction

Snowball is a multi-chain aggregator for yield farming, which focuses on lowering barriers for all users interested in DeFi’s potential.

2. What is Snowball’s purpose?

The mission of the platform is to offer a one-stop DeFi solution for users of all levels. Snowball was implemented on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to leverage…


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